The Thriving Giver

Cultivating resilience, and preventing compassion fatigue and burnout in health, social care and the voluntary sector.

Are you or your team struggling with anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm or burnout?

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If so, it’s not surprising, as the demand for your services may have increased exponentially since the pandemic, while budget cuts, staff shortages or lack of resources have amplified the challenges.

Recent research highlights the profound impact this has had on staff wellbeing:


✔️ 82% of voluntary and community sector project leaders are concerned about staff burnout
✔️ 91% of social workers had either high or moderate levels of emotional exhaustion
✔️ 52% of nurses are concerned about mental health
✔️ 77% of UK carers are suffering from burnout
✔️ 92% of voluntary and community sector workers would like more support with their mental health.

The wide-ranging benefits of cultivating resilience

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When staff are supported in developing effective coping strategies, they feel more valued and supported, while also: 


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Welcome! I am Sarah Kuipers, #1 best-selling author of The Thriving Giver, trainer, lecturer and specialist in cultivating resilience in caring professions.


After working for nearly 20 years in healthcare, my own experience of burnout led me to complete a Masters in Research studying stress and burnout. I now have over a decade of experience teaching the Thriving Giver principles and potent tools to medical and nursing students, and other health and care professionals.


Concerned about the escalating rates of burnout, I am passionate about empowering those working in the voluntary sector, health and social care to cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite their love for work and life.

That’s why I created The Thriving Giver self-paced online course, a cost-effective way to help all your staff develop simple, lasting practices to navigate pressure with greater ease, while also taking care of themselves. Then, they can perform at their optimum and bring a calm, confident and joyful presence to their work.

What is a Thriving Giver?

Firstly, a Giver is someone whose very nature is to give or care for others, and it’s wonderful that there are so many Givers in the world. It’s a fantastic trait to have, but many struggle with the Over-Giver Syndrome and ignore their own needs.


A Thriving Giver recognizes the importance of balancing their own care with the care of others. They have a comprehensive range of tools to navigate pressure with greater ease so they can continue giving their best to the world each day.

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Discover how you and your team can cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite your love for work and life. 
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