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Helping ‘Over-Givers’ become Thriving Givers.


Sarah Kuipers


My training programs and #1 bestseller The Thriving Giver  bring together everything I have learnt from nearly 20 years of working in healthcare, over a decade of training health professionals, and a Masters researching stress and burnout.


But what most people don’t know about me is how, for so many years, I was brilliant at helping my clients master stress and balance their lives… but… not so good at practising what I preached!

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Burnout crept up on me.

As a single mother bringing up three young boys alongside running a successful practice, I tended to put everyone else first and ignore my own needs.


Eventually, I became more and more exhausted  mentally, emotionally, and physically. I became cynical, hardened, and numb. I lost my sense of compassion and withdrew from friends and family.


Feeling as if I had nothing left to give, I began to dread going to work. It was only then that I realized I needed to stop. I took a 3-month sabbatical – to rest, relax and reflect. This led to…

Masters Research Study

This highlighted the importance of:

  • Having a comprehensive toolkit to manage stress, restore balance and replenish our energy.
  • Self-awareness and recognizing how close we are to the critical one.
  • Releasing the Over-Giver Syndrome, and why it’s difficult for many of us to balance our own needs with the care of others.
  • Saying ‘no’ for boosting our confidence, wellbeing, and resilience.
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7 Principles of The Thriving Giver

My #1 bestseller The Thriving Giver brings together everything I have learnt through my own life’s journey, my research, and working with clients for over 20 years. 


The 7 Principles, as illustrated by this flower, are explored in depth in my book.


These principles and their potent tools create the foundation for my programs.

Flower 7 Principles

That is why I am passionate about empowering your staff to navigate pressure with more ease, perform at their optimum, and avoid burnout. I am excited that many of these strategies are also just as valuable for sharing with, or helping your patients, clients or service users to improve their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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their wellbeing and become more resilient.