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Helping the ‘Over-Givers’ become Thriving Givers.


Introducing Sarah Kuipers


Working for many years, primarily as a hypnotherapist and life coach, I helped clients to master stress and balance their lives. But … I failed to practise what I preached not ONCE but TWICE. Now I am determined to share everything I have learnt so that you can avoid the pitfalls and enjoy your work and life without compromising your own wellbeing.


Earlier in my career, the combined pressures of work and being a single parent bringing up three boys, eventually led to burnout.


Deciding it was time to stop and re-evaluate, I ‘stepped off the treadmill’ and had a three-month ‘sabbatical’, just as my youngest was leaving school. I spent a month crewing on a boat in the Caribbean, followed by two months backpacking around Peru.

Fresh perspective

Space and time away gave me a fresh perspective on life, replenished my spirit, and renewed my faith in God. Importantly, I came to realize that with all the years of hard work, putting others first and with minimal self-care, burnout had been inevitable.


Determined to understand more, and help others avoid making similar mistakes to me, I embarked on a Masters in Research investigating stress and burnout in health professionals.


I learned so much from my research, but a few years later, when under significant pressure I reverted to old patterns of poor self-care and taking too much responsibility for others. Eventually, I succumbed to a debilitating stress-related illness that seriously impacted my life for three years.

In this video I share some of my life’s journey and how it led to The Thriving Giver.

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This time something had to change

The illness gave me ample time to reflect, and emphasised how, when under significant pressure, it is even more important to value and care for yourself. It also increased my determination to share what I had learnt through writing a book.


The 7 principles of a Thriving Giver evolved from my own life’s journey, working with clients for over 20 years, teaching stress management to medical students, as well as numerous interviews with health and other professionals.


These 7 principles have transformed the lives of so many people and can do the same for you.

The Thriving Giver

As an author, lecturer, trainer and resilience coach, I have over a decade of experience teaching the 7 Thriving Giver Principles to nursing and medical students, doctors and other health and care professionals.

If you would like a free introductory Zoom session to explore how my self-paced online course could help your staff cultivate resilience and reignite their motivation for work, while also improving staff retention.

During that call, we can discuss what your needs are, and l can show you a clear framework and potent tools to enable your staff to master stress and avoid burnout quickly and easily… and most importantly, in a cost-effective way.

The Zoom session is completely free, and you have no obligation whatsoever. Please send me a message to arrange the call.

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My formal qualifications

Whilst the ‘7 Principles of being a Thriving Giver’ is based on my life and the experiences of many of my clients and students, it is also underpinned by science and academic research.

MSc Research, University of West London.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching, University of West London.

Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Member of the Life Coaching Academy.

Former Member of the UK Homeopathic Medical Association.

Diploma in Osteopathy and Naturopathy, British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy.

The Thriving Giver self-paced online course

Discover how you and your team can cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite your love for work and life.