The Thriving Giver:

7 Principles for health professionals and caregivers to enhance self-care and prevent burnout.

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This video outlines the key elements in the book and how it may be relevant for you.

Are you ready to stop running on empty and feel more alive?

Throughout the pandemic we have seen the amazing commitment, long hours and personal sacrifice that our health and social care workers have given. We also know the additional toll that a year in lockdown has taken on all the unsung carers and parents who have also given of themselves tirelessly 24/7. Are you one of them?


When you continually put others first, ignoring your own health and wellbeing, eventually something has to give and unfortunately, it can often lead to exhaustion, burnout or breakdown. Now is the time to bring your life back into balance, before it is too late. 


What is a Thriving Giver?

Someone who manages stress effectively and balances their own self-care with the needs of others. They give from a cup that is overflowing.

Invest in your own wellbeing today so you can continue to give of your best to others.

Sometimes the smallest changes can transform your life.


The Thriving Giver will guide you step-by-step, and show you how to:

  • Balance your own care with the needs of others
  • Calm anxiety and master stress
  • Release emotional distress and shift your mindset
  • Replenish body, mind and spirit and feel more alive
  • Reignite enthusiasm for your life or work
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7 Principles to help caring professionals and caregivers to thrive

The Thriving Giver introduces 7 principles that brings together everything I, Sarah Kuipers have discovered from my own transformational journey, over 20 years’ experience of working with clients, teaching stress management and my Masters in Research.

Simple solutions to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

When you are stressed and short of time, you want answers FAST.
The Thriving Giver is:

  • Easy to read with encouraging anecdotes
  • Full of practical, doable tools and resources
  • Designed so you can cherry-pick the chapters you need

The Thriving Giver: 7 Principles for health professionals and caregivers to enhance self-care and prevent burnout.

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About the Author

Sarah Kuipers has over 20 years of experience helping clients manage the challenges of life. She has taught stress management courses to medical students for the last 6 years – an essential part of their modern training. 

After experiencing burnout as a result of putting others’ needs before her own, she embarked on a Masters in Research to better understand burnout and how to prevent it. The Thriving Giver brings together everything she has learnt from her life’s journey, her work and extensive research.

The Thriving Giver self-paced online course

Discover how you and your team can cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite your love for work and life.