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Helping you to cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite the love for your life and work

Helping you and your staff to become Thriving Giver

The additional pressures arising from Covid-19, together with severe staff
shortages has led to escalating levels of stress and burnout in the NHS, Social

Care and the non-profit sector.

During these challenging times, it is even more important to learn how to calm
anxiety, process emotional distress, set clear boundaries, and replenish your


When you thrive, you can give of your best to the world each day, and your

giving is sustainable.

The Thriving Giver

“This is a very well organized, well-researched and meticulously thought-through book which is equally relevant for professionals and non-professionals.”

Sue Schraer, psychotherapist and guest editor of The Psychotherapist

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Self-paced online course The Thriving Giver, will be launched in the autumn. This course has been designed as a cost-effective way to support staff wellbeing in organisations related to health and social care, as well as charities and other non-profits. The course is also available for individuals. Please contact me for further information.
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These sessions offer a safe, confidential space to explore the challenges in your life. My extensive experience, knowledge and understanding can help guide you towards the key approaches and resources that will create the greatest impact.
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Please contact me directly if you would like to book me as a speaker for your podcast, organisation or group.
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The Thriving Giver self-paced online course

Discover how you and your team can cultivate resilience, restore balance and reignite your love for work and life.