Mindfulness & Meditation

Ancient practices to bring you into the present moment, calm your mind and relax your body.



You are probably aware of the many benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and you may be keen to experience for yourself how these practices can help you reduce anxiety, improve wellbeing, promote self-care, and diminish troubling thoughts.


Mindfulness is also an invaluable practice if you want to be less self-critical and more compassionate towards yourself.

Free Resources

Sandrine Cranswick offers the following mindfulness meditations audios

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Here are a few organisations that offer free guided audios:


An Excellent Mindfulness Teacher

One experienced and highly respected teacher I can personally recommend is Sandrine Cranswick

Sandrine’s life and work is deeply enriched by her 26 years of meditation practice, which enables her to embody mindfulness in every aspect of her life. 
She offers online and in person evidence-based mindfulness courses to individuals and groups, as well as life coaching using creativity and mindfulness.
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